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Play the most exciting esports tournaments. Pick your favourite players and beat your friends.
Draft real esports players to build your fantasy team.
Draft real esports players to build your fantasy team.
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What is FanTeamGG?

FanTeamGG is your free-to-play fantasy esports platform. Win Razer store prizes by playing for free across some of the world's most popular games, such as League of Legends, Dota 2, CS:GO, and many more.
Join and compete against thousands of passionate esports fans and players from across the globe and put your skills to the ultimate test.
Pick a team of your favourite real-life esports players, gather points based on their performances. Watch your team's and your opponent’s score on the live standings!
What are you waiting for? Start playing now!

Play to earn Razer Silver and choose your rewards!

Get rewarded for your skill! Every time you win on FanteamGG you will automatically receive Razer Silver in your Razer Silver account.
You can then choose how you want to spend your Razer Silver on Razer Silver Rewards.
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What is FanTeamGG?
FanTeamGG is a free-to-play fantasy esports platform, available to download on Google Play and Apple Store.
Fantasy games are based on real-life sporting events and are played by fans who compete on their knowledge around the teams & players. Users create virtual "teams" that are scored based on the performance of the real players selected.
You can participate in various event matches using Razer Silver in the app to earn more Razer Silver based on points scored and rankings. Find out how to participate.
Yes it is. The app is owned by a fully registered company, Scout Gaming Group. FanTeamGG app is approved and available to download from Google Play and Apple Store.
Currently, you can find the three most popular esports offered on FanTeamGG: League of Legends, Dota 2 & Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. You will find games including all the Tier 1 leagues and teams, and we constantly work on expanding the leagues and esports that we offer.
Download the app from Google Play or Apple Store and sign in with your Razer ID.
Razer Silver is the only loyalty rewards program for gamers, backed by Razer. You can earn Razer Silver and accumulate them to redeem rewards. Find out more.
You can earn more Razer Silver from various software and services offered by Razer and others here.
You can use it to participate in esports events in the app or accumulate more Razer Silver to redeem rewards from the catalog.
You may refer to FanTeamGG Terms of Service for more information. You may also contact us on Discord or contact directly.
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